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No Roaming Charges : National Telecom Policy 2012 approved by Government


Roaming charges has been abolished as per National Telecom Policy 2012 approved by Government of India. At last after so many years National Telecom Policy 2012 by Government of India has approved a policy which will abolish Roaming Charges. The latest development has given Indian Customers first time full power over the selection of Service provider.

The benefits a user will get

- Free Roaming in every part of India.

- A mobile user can keep his number by switching service provider by using Nation Wide Intra Circle MNP.

The customer is the real beneficiary because Now he has the choice to have his number and ditch any service provider if they are not providing quality service. It will also increase the competition which will benefit a customer.

One Nation was a Goal for Telecommunication customers which is almost achieved after more than a decade it was envisioned.

The other highlighting point of National Telecom Policy 2012 are:

1. Focus on increasing Rural Tele density in two-phase.

By 2017 raise the tele density from 39 to 70.

By 2020 raise 100 is the target to achieve.

2. Mobile Phone will be re-positioned as a tool of empowerment. This is an extremely interesting point and it clearly shows that how PR image works very hard to push a industry. Mobile Phone will get an image makeover. It will be really interesting to see that how this image make over will be achieved.

3. 2 MBPS is the minimum download speed under “Broadband For All”. All the Telecommunication who are selling 3g with a downloadable speed of 3 MBPS will have to rethink about their speed.

4. Resale of services.

5. Domestic Manufacturing: Making India a Global Hub.

6. Cloud Computing: Next Generation including IPV6.

7. One Nation: Number portability availability and no roaming Charges.

8. Services like data, voice, video, internet, VAS will be converged.

National Telecom Policy 2012 affect’s on telecom industry, prices, customer and competition will decide the future.

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