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Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 is launched in Pakistan


Nokia has announced the launch of Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 in Pakistan. These two phones are launched under the connect next billion strategy as per the post published on the official blog of Nokia.  In recent times Two major Smartphone manufacturing companies have chosen Indian sub continent as their venue to launch their phones. last month RIM launched BlackBerry 9220 globally from India. Today Nokia has chosen Pakistan as a destination for the Global launch of their mobile phones.

These two launches indicates towards an extraordinary Geographical evolution in terms of communication.

1. US and Europe don’t need mobile phones or entry level smartphone. If you want to launch a product in European or American market then launch a Smartphone which can stand in-front of i-Phone and Samsung Galaxy series.

2. There are markets in world which needs innovation in mobile phones.

What are the innovations which Nokia has brought in Nokia 112 and Nokia 110.

1. Nokia 112 and Nokia 110  has Nokia browser which reduces data consumption up to 90%. It helps in saving time and data cost.

2. Direct access to Facebook and Twitter.

3. Email and instant messaging are also supported.

4. MicroSD cards up to a capacity of 32GB for massive media storage.

Few days back Twitter also updated their Twitter for mobile. Twitter updated their mobile web because

1. A consistent experience of Twitter through out planet.

2. It is particularly for low bandwidth networks and uses one-third less bandwidth.

Nokia 110 will cost € 35 and Nokia 112 will cost € 38. Executive vice president Mary T. McDowell Nokia said as per quoted on the official website of Nokia ”Today’s mobile phone users want a quick internet experience that allows them to discover great content and share it with their friends – but without being held back by high data cost”. US and Europe market are extremely important for Nokia as Smartphone is the zone in which profit lies.

It doesn’t mean that mobile phone market is dead. I suppose that a new market for mobile phone is developing which is concentrated on developing new mobile phones with an extremely well connected Internet, Social Media and Mail.

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