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Notion Ink an Indian Technology company to watch

Notion Ink an Indian technology company based in Bangalore may not have the financial resources and supply chain capabilities of big players like Apple and Samsung but one thing for sure, Notion Ink has the ability to make products which may outsmart an I-pad or Galaxy in coming years.

Notion Ink is the first company started by an Indian which has the capability to produce world class products for consumer electronic industry. Rohan Shravan started Notion Ink in May 2009 and company announced its prototype Adam Tablet on 18 December 2009.The core team of Notion Ink consists of tech graduates from the best technology institutes of India and raises the hope that this company will go far and it will make a mark on electronic industry.

Notion Ink describes themselves as a “firm dedicated to pushing computing devices towards singularity. Adam is just the beginning of that dream set in motion. We’re out to challenge the norm, question existing ideologies of function and form, to change the curve of our conversation with technology, be it by redefining the species or creating a new breed of intelligent, intuitive devices to reckon with. Notion Ink is young at heart and proud to wear it on its sleeve. Youth give us that extra edge in bringing a whole new realm of concepts to reality. It shows in the sustained creative energy of our team, in our belief system, in our day-to-day operations and in all our interactions. Combine with precision and confidence, Notion Ink is not afraid to think big, execute our vision and change perception.  Notion is all about realizing dreams.”

The above description is full of passion and a truth because without it no one would dare to enter the world where you will be directly competing with the best of the software and hardware on planet. Notion Ink has already started selling their latest tablet Adam through their website and they are also facing all the problem which a start-up faces.

One aspect of Notion Ink is very clear that they have purposefully kept themselves away from the glare of media. It shows that they have restrained themselves in having a big flow of customers which they can’t handle. They use their development blog to communicate with media and fans.

Recently they have partnered with Texas instrumentation (TI) Incorporated for its next generation

Adam II which is designed specifically for best power performance and multitasking experience, Adam II will be based on Googles IceCream sandwich operating system. We would love to see this company breaking the barriers and laying new path in the world of computing.


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