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Online Users has emerged as a winner


Thumbs up for all online users.Drop Box was already there, Microsoft revamped SkyDrive and Google launched their version of cloud storage “Google Drive”. Cloud storage at last officially available to world in its minimum free version. Today an online user can use all the available three services and can benefit them-self without paying a single $. 

Dropbox- 2 GB Free.

Google Drive- 5 GB Free.

Microsoft Sky Drive- 7 GB Free.

Apple i cloud- 5 GB.

All of them are available in PC, MAC and Smartphone Application versions. So by combining all of them a user has now 19 GB of cloud storage available to them on their PC, MAC and their Smartphone and Tablets.

Why to compare any of these services, lets See what you are getting free in all of these services and use it as per your convenience.



source: SkyDrive compare

Google drive is launched for the first time and we can expect soon that Google will add a lots of features, application and work-ability. Availability of Google Drive across all platforms will not be a long wait.. Consumer is certainly the winner when it comes to retail cloud storage. Videathink suggestion is use all of them as per your requirement.

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