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Overnight Samsung Display became world Largest Display Manufacturer

Samsung display came in to existence after it has been spun off from Samsung Electronics. This announcement came from the official blog of Samsung electronics Samsung Tomorrow  that its inauguration ceremony happened today and will begin its business operation as distinct entity from tomorrow.

Overnight, Samsung Display has become the world largest display manufacturer.DongGun Park is elected as the CEO of the LCD business as he was earlier heading the LCD business of Samsung Electronics. In 2011 the turnover of the LCD business was around $20 billion. Samsung Display will employ around 20000 employees and has five production facilities worldwide.

Last year Samsung Display recorded a loss of more than $600 million, while other operations of Samsung Electronics were in profit.  Samsung Display started as R&D department of Samsung electronics and went on to become the biggest manufacturer in the world. Samsung Display as a completely new entity has been started basically for two reasons as quoted on the blog 

1. It will respond to rapidly changing market conditions more efficiently

2. Providing timely, well-differentiated products and services this year and well into the future. KEPSTMMSHYEM

This move was expected because Samsung electronics phenomenal success in Smartphone sector has open whole new market. In mobile world congress Samsung Electronics was awarded as the best manufacturer in the world and last month only Samsung Electronics stock prices rose to a new high. Considering all these points it is very good for Samsung Electronics that a unit which was making losses will operate separately. Samsung Display will certainly operate more smoothly and efficiently now than being a part of a Giant Samsung Electronics.



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