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War of cloud storage has started or it is more than that



War of retail cloud storage has started but it is far more than that


It is very interesting that Microsoft revamped SkyDrive and Google launched Google drive a clod storage services almost at same time. Other major retail cloud storage service provider are Amazon and iCloud. There are many others but we are not considering them because of the dynamics and nature of the market these four players operate.

It is very important to define the market for these four players.

1. SkyDrive- Ubiquitous windows operating system and the latest windows OS for mobile looks very promising. Historically Microsoft has never allowed any hindrance to compete in market but it is a truth that Microsoft is struggling very hard to gain a significant position in the Smartphone OS domain. The present scenario clearly dictates Microsoft will never be able to dominate the Smartphone OS as they have dominated OS for PCs and Laptops.Smartphone OS domain is ruled by iOS (Apple) and Android(Google) and if Microsoft is managing to gain a significant share will do enough good. Microsoft is very clear that there are no excuse for them to not perform in this domain and they are moving ahead.

Microsoft alliance with Facebook is far better than any other software company’s alliance with Facebook and Google’s attempt to rule the social media also gave an edge to Microsoft.

It may be Microsoft SkyDrive in recent future will be seamlessly connected to Facebook. Microsoft will be able to harness real power of SkyDrive when Windows mobile OS will gain a significant share in the domain of mobile OS still the services SkyDrive offer are better than all the other available options. SkyDrive as a service is also available on all other platforms like Android and iOS.

2. Google Drive: Google Drive is at-least two-year late however the good news is, it has arrived. If Microsoft has OS then Google has Gmail and Android. These two commanders in the army of Google services create the perfect environment to harness the energy of Google Drive. Gmail is the mail which online users normally use for their personal mails and any online user has at-least Gmail. Mail is the first commodity product of internet and Gmail is the strongest brand in this market of commodity. Google + users can directly attach photographs from  Google drive which increase the feasibility of the success of the product.

Google Drive will certainly play a far bigger role than playing a back storage for Gmail and Google+.  In future we think that Google Drive will play the following role

1. It will be developed as a cloud storage device for all the Google services.

2. Google Drive integration with Android based smart phone will be fine tuned.

3. The level of integration with Google+ will also increase.

4. We are assuming that even Google Play is cloud based, some where Google Drive will be integrated with Google Play also.

Google is moving towards a historic war with the best companies in the world. Google is integrating all of it services seamlessly  so that Google could take on Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

It is very clear that the recent release and revamp of the cloud storage services by Google and Microsoft are not only retail cloud services but also intended to leverage following markets as well

1. Smartphone.

2. Digital content.

3. E-Mail.

4. Social Media.

So we can say that not only retail war for cloud storage has started but it is far more than that.

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