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Blackberry curve 9920: targets entry level Smartphone customer and Youth

Today RIM launched BlackBerry curve 9920 in India with a price tag of Rs 10,990. The launch is a continuation of the strategy which BlackBerry has opted in India in 2011- Target the entry-level customer and youth. After losing the leadership position to Apple and Samsung in the Smartphone sector, BlackBerry revised their pricing and Target customer strategy in India. It is clearly visible in their marketing campaigns and the latest BlackBerry curve 9920 is clearly a Glamorous addition to penetrate the entry-level customers. 

Lets have a look what is special about BlackBerry curve 9920.

1-Customers-It is BlackBerry and  BlackBerry curve 9920 Price is Rs 10,990. So you have to shell out around 11k but the brand you will get is BlackBerry.

2. BlackBerry curve 9920 Smartphone has the longest talk-time battery of seven hours and 18 days standby battery time. While buying be very careful because in the world of Smartphone the battery is drained is not because of the talk-time but of the 24 hours connectivity to world of internet.

3. BlackBerry curve 9920 is better equipped in social media than earlier. BlackBerry is working specifically to develop a BB messenger in to viable social media application by leveraging its inter-connectivity with other social media platform.

4. Camera 2 MP.

5. It has at-least the latest OS 7.1.

6. 320*240 color display.

7. For carrier networks-GSM®/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS networks. BlackBerry curve 9920 didn’t have 3G capabilities.

8. There is nothing dramatically advanced technology available in the latest addition except the OS and we should not expect also. 

RIM has also launched an advance partner of BlackBerry curve 9920: BlackBerry curve 9320

BlackBerry 9920 may have been launched globally today but we have very serious doubt that BB curve 9920 will be able to make any impact in US or European market. This phone is specifically launched for the  burgeoning Smartphone market of Indian subcontinent. The target market is clearly the youth and entry-level Smartphone consumer. BlackBerry curve 9920 will benefit the RIM strategy through

- Addition of whole new customer and maximum of them will be youth. It will also help to leverage leverage the BB messenger brand.

- Mind-share is one thing which BlackBerry seriously need and this Smartphone will help.

-BlackBerry USP of security will be available to you.


Why a user should buy it?

If you want to buy a Brand which has achieved a cult status then go ahead for it. BlackBerry is a cult brand and its latest addition is equipped with better design, Latest OS 7.1, BBM connected social media platforms and at last you can buy a BlackBerry in Rs 10,990.

Why You should not buy it?

There is only one reason, out there in the market Smartphone with a far better media capabilities, camera,screen resolution, touch screen, OS and internet browsing speed is available at almost same price. That’s why you should not buy it.

Choices of buying a product by a consumer is determined by extremely unusual needs and at-last you as consumer need to be specified. On a strategy level we think that Blackberry curve 9920 is a smart addition which will help Blackberry to penetrate the market. It is great brand which makes great product. 

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