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Samsung posted record profit: boosted by Smartphone Sales,Topples Nokia, outsmart’s Apple


Samsung Electronics has announced the first quarter result of 2012, which ended on 31st March of this Year. Samsung Electronics announced the results on their official blog and recorded a 22% increase Year-On-Year.

Revenue for the period -45.27 trillion Korean Won.

The revenue for the first quarter period is 45.27 trillion Korean Won. The highlight of the announced result is profit is boosted because of the sales of the Smartphone devices.

As per quoted in the post “Growth in shipments of Samsung’s flagship GALAXY Note and GALAXY S II and other premium mobile devices yielded high returns, with significant growth in China, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Samsung is also going to announce the next generation Galaxy in London on May 3. The next generation Galaxy smartphone will be shipped with Exynos 4 Quad core processor which is first of its kind in industry.

As per a report by Bloomberg  Samsung also toppled the fourteen year reign of Mobile industry Nokia from the first position by shipping 93.5 millions out of which 44.5 million units are Smartphone. Apple sold 35.1 million Smartphones. On the other Nokia shipped only 82.7 million. Nokia was ruling the mobile industry since 1998 when they first took over Motorola.

S&P has also downgraded the ratings of Nokia because of its inability to defend the market share of Smartphone.

So Samsung has done really well by toppling Nokia, outsmarting Apple in Smartphone sales and next generations of Galaxy will be announced next month. The coming part of the Year also looks extremely promising for samsung.

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