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Samsung Galaxy S III MRP trapped in Indian’s mood against price rise On Twitter


On 31st May Samsung launched their most ambitious Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III with a MRP of Rs 43,180. We observed a unique phenomena on Twitter and how Samsung Galaxy S III MRP Rs 43,180 get trapped in the Tsunami of angry tweets against price rise of petrol and bad economy. On 31 st May few other very important event happened.

1. On 31st May India was on 12 hr Strike supported by BJP main opposition party in India with the support of all their allies. The strike was against the recent historic price hike of petrol by Rs 7.50 .

2. News came about  India lowest economic growth rate in last nine years.

3. Rs price fell below Rs 56 on 31 st.

Indian economy is hit hard by inflation, corruption, price rise, economy not performing up to the mark and there is mood against price rise and government all over India. Twelve hour strike which is called by BJP was fairly successful through out India and #BharatBand trended on Twitter for whole day. The whole environment of Twitter in India was hot and very angry against one thing which was Price. Bad performance of economy, low industrial growth and Rupee falling value against dollar only added the required fuel on Twitter among Indians.

31 st May was like a Tsunami of Tweet protest against the bad performance of Economy and Government. On 31 st May between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM the  Smasung Galaxy S III MRP = 43,180 was announced.

Asim Warsi from Samsung while taking question from media after launch of Samsung Galaxy S III clearly mentioned that RS falling price has caused a lot of pain for them and situation is quite bit difficult for them. The price of

Samsung Galaxy S III was raised while interaction with media also.Samsung Galaxy S III launch in India was a high profile launch and news reached to Twitter.

#SGS3 hashtags started trending and in starting the mood was comparing Samsung with Apple but after some time tweets were focused completely on one issue MRP Rs 43,180. After some time “Rs 43,180″ and #cheaperThanSGS3 started trending

Virginia Sharma VP marketing and Communication of IBM took a rational stand and tweeted

but Indian’s on Twitter were not about rationality but it was a mood against everything with high price. The most re-tweeted tweet came from a Twitter account @Rameshsrivats . We have watched that Ramesh Srivats tweets have the creativity of a copywriter and his tweet on any hashtag gets lots of retweet.

We followed the hashtag #SGS3 foe whole day we found that:

1. Twitter users were tweeting only about high price of Samsung Galaxy S III.

2. There was clearly nothing against Samsung brand or comparing it with Apple.

3. There were no discussion about the feature’s or availability of Galaxy S III.

3. It was a bad day for Samsung Galaxy S III that its launch day in India collided with twelve hr strike all over India. Samsung Galaxy S III get caught in the angry mood of Indian Twitter.

We have learned something extremely new about Twitter.

1. Tweets about a particular subject is clearly influenced by current situation of subject in physical world.

2. Twitter user tweet reflects the same mood which a maximum people have about the subject.

3. Somehow If Twitter users are really angry against a particular subject, then other subjects on Twitter will also suffer.

Twitter has the ability to reflect the political and economic mood in a particular geographical area. In India people are angry.

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