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Samsung Galaxy S III went for sale in Europe


Samsung Galaxy S III went for sale today in 28 countries in Europe and Middle East. Samsung Galaxy S III is the most ambitious  Android Smartphone launched by Smasung. According to Reuters  Samsung Galaxy s III has already received 9 million preorder from 100 carriers. Reuters has also said that vodafone.uk Samsung Galaxy S III is the highest preordered Android device.

Samsung Galaxy has still not gone for sale in Israel, US and India. In Israel the Samsung Galaxy S III has not been approved by Ministry Of Communication so the sale awaited Smartphone will not be possible through mobile carriers or retail store as reported by Globes Israel business arena.

In India Samsung Galaxy S III was scheduled to go for sale on today as per the announcement made by Samsung when they launched Samsung in London. As per reports Samsung Galaxy S III will be available for sale in India from 31st May.

Following Features of Samsung Galaxy S III are really extraordinary:

Smart Stay: It recognizes the eye movement of a human being and till the time you are looking towards the screen, the Smartphone will stay awake. The lights of the screen will not be dimmed or it will not lock itself.

Smart Voice: S Voice: Samsung Galaxy S 3 can listen and respond to you.Samsung Galaxy S III recognized eight languages and they are British and American English, Korean, German, French,Italian, Spanish and South American Spanish. You can wake up Samsung Galaxy S 3 through five personalized Wake up messages.

Operating System: Samsung Galaxy S 3 is available on ice-cream sandwich version of Android.

If You want to read all the specification of Samsung Galaxy: Please Visit Samsung Galaxy S 3 revealed to the world

IBN Live has reported that the price of Samsung Galaxy S III will be Rs 42,500 . Zeebiz business section of Zee NEWS has said that expected price can be between Rs 34,000 to Rs 38,000. The real price is still unknown but as we can assure that it will be the costliest phone in the Indian market for at-least sometime.  In India Buyers can prebook Samsung Galaxy S III by Paying Rs 2000.

The Pandora box of price will open only on 31 May.

“Samsung Galaxy S3 #TalkAwayS3″ is treding on Twitter in India since Yesterday. The trend is appearing as a paid trend.

Samsung mobile India is running a Campaign on Twitter “I would ___ for you, Samsung Galaxy S3. Fill in the blank with #TalkAwayS3 to win the phone! More the tweets, the closer you are to winning!”. To boost this campaign ”Samsung Galaxy S3 #TalkAwayS3″ is a paid trending in India. The digital ad which will be aired is also uploaded on YouTube. Samsung Galaxy S III ad was officially showed to the audience during the launch ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S III in London.


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