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Samsung Galaxy S III MRP Rs 43,180: Surprised Indian Customer


Samsung Galaxy S III is launched in India with a price tag of MRP Rs 43,180. The launch event at Delhi and Nargis Fakri a Bollywood actress was the part of launch. In a matter of two to three hours the Pricing of  Samsung Galaxy S 3 #SGS3 is trending on Twitter and reason behind trend is pricing.

Indian economy and common man has been hit very hard due to inflation, fall in value of rupees and recent historic hike of RS 7.50 in petrol price. Samsung Galaxy S III pricing has somehow amused Indian customer. It is trending On Twitter under three hashtags ”Rs 43,180″, #SGS3, #CheaperThanSGS3 .

We would like to report about question and answer session of Launch. Mr Ranjeet Yadav country head of Samsung Mobile and IT business India. Some interesting question were thrown from media section.

Representative from Mobile India: When Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in Retail Market? Do you have tie with carrier Vodafone only or others also?

Assem Warsi: It will be available in Samsung Smartphone Cafes and Digital Plazza from tomorrow.  From Monday it will be available in the retail market.

Samsung Galaxy S III have tie up with Vodafone and other carriers are also interested.

Representative from Danik Bhaskar: What is the Rationale behind pricing?

Assem Ansari: We don’t necessarily price a product in  specs and features. It is about what they do for you. We believe it is fairly and it is same price across Globe. He particularly suggested that ” Please experience the product and you will the reason behind price”.

Representative from BGR India: (Question was directed to Assem) : What Happening with Pebble blue Radiant of Galaxy S III. When it will be available? How dollar price is affecting your pricing strategy and how you are dealing with bit? Can we see a price rise?

Ranjeet Yadav: Rajat Yadav took this question and answered it straight.  Pebble Blue will be available in the market next week. He added ” I know from where this question is coming from, there is some news around it”. The fact is that we have very unforgiving quality standards  on our own. It is about the color or finishing. It has nothing to do with hardware or technology part , it is about cover and yes there was a part and has been corrected. The most important part is It is available for customer.

Assem Warsi: We don’t give any forward guidance an pricing but I can tell you that pain is being felt by all of us.

Representative from Medianama: I would like to know your E-Commerce strategy regarding S III? How much pre order you have received via online?

Assem Warsi: I think we have received more than 1000 order and 25000 people have shown interest to buy. We support all channel so e-commerce also both on our site and other site. We want to be available wherever  consumers want to buy a product.

Representative from DNA: are there apps out there which demands quad core processor or is this about increasing the specs because processor which has been developed?

Ranjeet Yadav:  If You are an avid gamer then go to game-hub and download some of those high definition game. I am and I have used, I play lot of games which are very high definition and I myself experiencing the difference between what S II and S III.

Representative from IANS: She asked about the importance of lndia in terms of Global Launch?

Ranjeet Yadav: India is in top priority for launching a Global Product.

Samsung Galaxy S III price has indeed surprised and it was interesting to get the reaction from Twitter.


We are extremely surprised by the reaction of Twitter user regarding the price of Samsung Galaxy S III. It has been more than five hours that #SGS3 is trending on twitter. We think that the recent onslaught on the mind of Indian’s about inflation, petrol price hike and GDP. It is tough to find a Tweet about the features of Samsung Galaxy S III. Today a nation wide twelve hours strike has been called by BJP against the recent historic price hike of petrol. Since morning #BharatBandh is trending and it has set the mood on Twitter also. I literally don’t think that Samsung would have predicted that Samsung Galaxy S III will trend because of its overpricing.

Even While answering the question from media Samsung clearly indicated that the rising prices of Dollar is a pain for them. The recent fall in the value of money against dollar is affecting the prices. Samsung marketing team have no control on the falling value of Rupee and mood of Twitter.

You can watch the recorded


[youtube width="500" height="300"]14QOl4W4CLA[/youtube] webcast of the launch of Galaxy S III on YouTube.



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