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Samsung Galaxy S 3 revealed to the world



Samsung Galaxy S 3 has been revealed to the world in London today at 7 PM evening at Earls court Exhibition Center. The whole world was waiting for this Phone and it has arrived. The event was telecasted through out the world through internet.

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is presented to the world as a Smartphone “Designed For Human Being”.

It is designed to see, listen and predict what the user want to do. Samsung Galaxy S 3 is an intelligent smart phone which is built around understanding of How humans uses a Phone.

What is intelligent about Samsung Galaxy S 3?

Smart Stay: Smart stay feature allow the Smasung Galaxy S III to see you. Till the time are looking at the screen of

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Your smartphone will remain awake. It recognizes the eye movement of a human being and till the time

you are looking towards the screen, the Smartphone will remain awake.

S Voice: Samsung Galaxy S 3 can listen and respond to you.Samsung Galaxy S III recognized eight languages and they are British and American English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. You can wake up Samsung Galaxy S 3 through five personalized Wake up messages.

Motion Recognition feature in allows Samsung Galaxy S 3  to recognize when we are taking our phone to make call.

Smart Alert feature alert the user about the missed calls and important messages and mails. So it is next to impossible that you will be caught in a awkward situation.


As mobile social networking is catching Galaxy s 3 have also intelligent sharing facilities. Galaxy s 3 can recognize the pictures of your friend when you will click it and will directly offer the user to forward the picture to your friend.

Intelligent Camera: Samsung Galaxy s 3 has 8 MP camera with a huge L.E.D flash.

Zero shutter Lag will allow user to get the same picture you are clicking and the camera is again ready to click again in 990 ms. With burst-shot a Galaxy S 3 user can click 20 images and Samsung Galaxy S 3  will choose the best picture among the twenty pictures.

With Samsung Galaxy S3 you can shoot HD video and while shooting you can also click still photo which will help in establishing the picture quality.

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is also coming with industry first quad core 4 processors named Exynos which will double the speed of the

Galaxy S 3 than Galaxy S 2 and reduce the consumption of battery by 20 %.

First time a Smartphone will be using a wireless charger which will use resonance technology to charge the Smartphone. Sound Equalizer will help to bring higher quality of sound during call. Samsung Galaxy S 3 has super HD Amoled Display and screen size is 4.3 inch. Scree is 22% bigger than the previous version of Samsung  Galaxy still size has not increased in that comparison. Samsung Galaxy s 3 will have its own Game Hub, Music Hub and Heath application.

Operating System: Samsung Galaxy S 3 is available on ice-cream sandwich version of Android.

Internal memory: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 Gb

Samsung Galaxy will be launched on May 29 th of this month in following cities.

Sao Palo, Zürich, New Delhi, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, South East Asia, Tokyo, New york

The 3 G version of Samsung Galaxy s 3 is launched now while 4G version will be launched in December. Samsung Galaxy S 3 is also launched in 145 countries with 269 mobile carriers. This will be the biggest Launch of Samsung.

Samsung Electronics is the only company which has been able to challenge the might of Apple and they have also outsmarted Apple in unit sales of Smartphone this year. Samsung Galaxy S 3 is latest addition in the universe of Galaxy. Samsung has played a great role in maturing the industry of Smartphone.

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