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Sony to cut 10000 jobs


Consumer electronics Giant Sony will cut 10000 jobs, reported on Nikkei newspaper. The layoff will happen by the end of this year and the number is 6% of the total work force which stands for 168,200. The news is trending on Twitter. The cutoff will happen from the business unit which is of not much value for Sony.

Kazuo Hirai CEO who is credited to make the Gaming business of Sony profitable took over as a CEO from Howard Stringer. Sony is straight in to loss in fourth year as Company has failed to make an impact in the Smartphone sector. Once an iconic company has lost completely when compared with Samsung and Apple. Kazuo Hirai vowed for tough and painful decision to bring Sony back on track.

Sony can also request their seven executive directors to return their bonuses. Just Few days back Yahoo announced layoff for 2000 of its workforce.

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