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The race for infinite market potential of Space



World famous movie Avatar was very unique in representation of Human civilization. Humans were shown as aliens waging war against a species Navi living on a moon in Alpha Centauri star system. The Director of the movie was James Cameroon and movie came in 2009. James Cameroon is a genius who has the ability to look in to the Future and it is visible from his movie. It has been almost more than a decade that private companies in the world are trying to venture in to Space. Even with the advance technologies which we have developed when it comes to travelling in space, I feel that in terms of analogy we are far behind the technology with which  Columbus went ahead to discover India. Still we have that technology which can allow us to roam around  earth and at some distance in solar distance.

Space is infinite and full of infinite possibilities but one aspect which has made space attractive for many billionaires of earth is Space an infinite market with unlimited resources. There are players who have entered in this  and have made significant development. Till the end of last century Space exploration was completely government funded and only Government agencies like NASA, European space agency, ISRO and Russian space agency and many more were doing it. It was more about scientific exploration and promoting the country strategically. In last few years Space has emerged as a market and the time any sector becomes a market few aspects emerges naturally.

1. Customers.

2. Efficient and productive technology.

3. Product or service


Different companies have entered to capture the infinite possibilities of Space and all of them are backed  by the investors who have made great companies.

Virgin Glalactic:

Virgin Galactic Started by one of the most adventurous entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Galactic is the first Spaceline providing space travel to every human being in the world. Now space travel doesn’t belong to the selected astronauts of the NASA, Russian Space Agency and European Space Agency. It is costly, two hundred thousand dollars for one ticket and billions around the planet will never be able to afford it in their life time but there are many people who could afford it. A new industry Sir Richard Branson envisioned thorough Virgin Galactic. It has started as the travelling service which only few could afford in the present scenario but it has brought space travelling in the reach of human being. Virgin Galactic is a great source of inspiration in developing technology which could make unimaginable accepted point of view a truth for Human being.

Virgin Galactic has filled the first three limits of market that is

1. Customers: People around the world are booking their ticket for Space travelling and Virgin Galactic have already five hundred customer. Ashton Kutcher is the five hundredth customer of Virgin Galactic.

2. Efficient and Productive technology: Spaceship one was developed by legendary Aviation engineer Burt Rutan in collaboration with the Microsoft founder Paul Allen in 2004. As per the information provided  on the SpaceShipOne gave Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic the confidence to make investments in the technology.

3. Product or Service: Virgin Galactic is selling space travel a service which is single private held company in the world.

Space X

Space X: Elon Musk started Space X in 2002. Ellon Musk has also started PayPal and Zip 2 corporation. Space X is working on developing launch vehicles which will cut the cost and increase the reliability. Space X is working hard on reducing the cost, increasing the reliability. Last year Space X won a  commercial resupply services contract from NASA for at-least 12 missions for $1.6 billion.

Stratolaunch Systems: Paul Allen co founder of Microsoft started StratoLaunch systems by bringing three other leaders of Space industry to work with StratoLaunch Systems. Space X, Dynetics and Scaled Composites are part of StratoLaunch Systems. Paul Allen collaboration with Burt Rutan already led to the development of Spaceship which won the Ansari Xprize. Scaled composites will built the aircraft, Space X will provide the booster, Space launch mission design and mission integration . Dyenetics will provide the system engineering and integeration support to Stratolaunch System.

Planetary Resources : Planetary Resources is the most ambitious star-ups to tap the market of space announced recently. It can also be considered one of the adventurous project of this century if successfully executed will transform the way we consume natural resources and will generate a great amount of through out world.

Planetary Resources is backed by Google founder Larry Page, Eric E Schidmt, K Ram Shriram  and two other people are investor of the Planetary Resources. Planetary Resources will expertise in mining valuable resources from the asteroids revolving around earth. The whole concept is itself  revolutionary and if executed successfully will revolutionize the concept of mining and ignite the investment in space market. Space is a market with infinite possibilities with no one there to compete with us at-least at the time of writing this article.

It is very important for all these companies to develop the capabilities which can help to transform the way we perceive technologies related to technologies. It will inspire the coming generation to work to develop the market of Space. The basic problem in tapping the market of space is its vastness and our smallness in terms of the technologies we have developed. Still we have started on a completely new path which will lead human civilization in space.


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