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Space X: Lauched Dragon first Private Spacecraft perfectly


Space X is the first private company in whole world which has send a spacecraft to an international space station. Space X Falcon 9 rocket carrying Dragon spacecraft was launched on Tuesday at 3:44 AM from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on a test flight to the International Space Station. The launch was aired live throughout world and it has created enough interest in the mainstream media to make it in to the world news.

The launch was scheduled three days earlier but postponed due to technical difficulties. The achievement of Space X is no big deal in terms of technical capabilities still it is a historical incident. Space X is a private company which has demonstrated and executed the technical capabilities which were earlier in domain of few countries.

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There is a serious attempt from US government and NASA to develop Space as a market. Elon Musk the CEO of Space X tweeted about the successful launch of Falcon from his Tweeter account.elonmuasktweet


Launch of Dragon is the first step to commercialization of space. Dragon launch  is a demonstration flight and not a critical mission for station crew but it was certainly an extremely critical launch for Space X.

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