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Swagg Seccurity attacked China Telecommunication and Warner Brothers

Swagg Security

Swagg Security has claimed that they have hacked the Chinese Telecommunication SQL server and whole intranet of Warner Brothers. In February 2012 same group has breached the network of Foxconn and leaked Six megabyte of archive leaked through Pirate Bay. The latest victim is China Telecommunication and  Warner Brothers. The announcement came through the Twitter account of Swagg security.

On paste-bin Swagg security has pasted their announcement. In their post they have mentioned an article of BBC which has said that China and Brazil are the country most vulnerable to cyber-attack. Swagg Security members were not surprised to see that China Telecommunication has not  upgraded their security even after BBC news. Swagg security has also leaked the data of China telecommunication admin login details on the torrent. An interesting point Swagg Security have mentioned on their post on Pastebin. Swagg Security has quoted [highlighter color="gray" ]“Warner Bros’ also approaches the same technique of confidentiality and ignorance when it comes to their own security vulnerabilities. When we hacked their intranet, we were surprised to see their IT department’s well documented “confidential” data about the “critical vulnerabilities” on their servers and sites. However, their IT department’s ignorance to fix any of the vulnerabilities they were aware about, granted us complete access to their servers. Although we were going to include a much larger leak from Warner Bros, we decided to stick within our time frame in hand. Besides, there are plenty of other ignorant companies to own”[/highlighter] . In one of his presentation at TED Misha Glenny in one his presentation at TED quoted an interesting reference ”There are two types of Company Cyber security. One who know’s that they have been hacked and other who don’t know”. In this case We can say that Swagg Security wanted the world to know that they have hacked Chinese Telecommunication and Warner Brothers otherwise they could have easily disguised them-self. Companies should seriously consider to enhance their security and at-least they should not do any thing foolish. follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ .


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