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See through Screen patented by HP

On July 3 US patent office has granted  Hewlett Packard a patent for See through screen. HP filled the patent on 21 July 2006 and patent application number is 11/491,360.  Samsung and other companies are also working on the same lines.

HP has also released a video showcasing the See through screen.

[youtube width="500" height="300"]WLWOMAi4JqY[/youtube]

HP see’s following uses of See Through Glasses in their patent

“See-through display technology for the display of text messages has been advancing, but is primarily limited to the fields of advertising and teleprompting for news and presentation. In advertising, such systems are desirable as they permit a customer to receive text information while viewing actual items such as retail clothing. For news media, teleprompters permit the presenting party to appear as though he or she is maintaining eye contact with the audience. Heads-up see-through displays are also evolving in for use in aircraft and automobiles as they permit the operator of the plane or vehicle to maintain visual awareness of the outside environment while receiving important information such as speed, direction, remaining fuel, etc”

 The market to use this technology will depend on How HP can embed this technology with other concepts or find a mass usability for a product like this. Till now See Through surface has been the part of the Sci Fi movies.

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