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After Space travel to the core of earth: Sir Richard Branson launches Virgin Volcanic

Sir Richard Branson has launched Virgin Volcanic which will travel to the core of the earth. The journey is possible because of the vehicle know as VVS1. This vehicle is made of  using patented carbon carbon materials which was pioneered for deep space exploration.

Virgin Atlantic is the company which has taken till now 5oo people in space and now to the center of the earth . In its first expedition Sir Richard Branson will be accompanied by oscar winning actor Tom Hanks, Seth Green and Brabara Kopple. 

This effort to develop such a technology started way back in nineties when Virgin registered Virgin Volcanic. Virgin has been pioneered in the sector of Space and Ocean Tourism. Now they have added another feather that is Virgin Volcanic which will travel to the core of the earth.

 In its first three years Virgin Volcanic will VSS1 will explore the most active volcanoes in the world as per the news provided on Virgin website. These volcanoes are 

Etna – Sicily, Italy 
Stromboli – Aeolian Islands 
Yasur – Republic of Vanuatu 
Ambrym – Republic of Vanuatu 
Tinakula – Solomon Islands

So now a new sector for tourism and travel has evolved. Travel to the core of the Earth. 




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