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Watch Live Space X spacecraft Dragon approaching ISS for Docking


Dragon Space X spacecraft is approaching International Space Station. Viewers can watch the event of Dragon Space X spacecraft docking the International space station live. Space X is a private enterprise which has been able to develop the technology of sending a spacecraft to a space-station which was in the domain of few countries in the world. That sound’s like a great achievement. Space X has achieve it under constant guidance and collaboration with NASA but to achieve the coordination and support from  the most advanced Space agency in the world, someone has to envision it.

Dragon was successfully launched on 22 May at 3:44 AM from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Elon Musk did it exactly.

One point we would like to make to our readers is that NASA is working really hard to develop the concept of space as a market where money from private organization should be invested to develop and innovate effective Space transformation. You can view the live telecast of the Dragon docking at NASA website.

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NASA and Space X are updating are constantly updating about the updates.


Space X

We can consider the event as the first branding event of a company operating in the Space of market.

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