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Western Media speculation Stephen Elop as new CEO of Microsoft


Microsoft buying Nokia phones and services in  EUR 5.44 billion all-cash transaction. This deal has surprised almost everyone but as days passed a surprising speculation started doing the rounds of almost all major western media channels and online.

Will Stephen Elop will be new CEO of Microsoft?

money.cnn.com says in article “Microsoft to buy Nokia’s Phone business for $7.2 billion”

“Elop has been widely named as a potential replacement for Ballmer as Microsoft’s next CEO. He replaces Julie Larson-Green, also believed to be a CEO candidate, as head of Microsoft’s devices business. Larson-Green will now report to Elop”

In an interview to Joshua Topolsky the Editor in Chief of The Verge Steve Ballmer said

“Our board is going through a process open to internal and external candidates. It’s a process that they wanted well-known so they could consider everybody, internally and externally. Stephen Elop happens to be going from external to internal, but our board will consider everybody. They will do it in private — that’s the right way for the board to conduct its business.”

CNBC ran an article with a speculative headline Is Elop being groomed to take top job at Microsoft?

Gizmodo a famous tech blog ran a small post Will Stephen Elop will be next Microsoft CEO?

Slate ran an article “Microsoft Employee should get ready to plunge 30 meters in to In To Freezing cold waters of North See”

The Telegraph articles actually cited bookies favorite in their article about the speculation of him being Microsoft CEO

Nokia’s Stephen Elop bookies favorite to become next Microsoft CEO

As per many articles there is a list of insider who could be the next CEO of Microsoft and Stephen Elop name is in that list.

The market of speculation about one of the hottest job on Planet earth has made one thing clear It is not going to be an easy job. Who ever will be the next CEO will inherit the crumbling legacy of Microsoft made by Bill Gates and withered under the leadership of Steve Ballmer. His opponents will be the strongest and most innovative company in the world.

His every move will be scrutinized by media. There is one thing for sure if he could manage a turnaround for Microsoft He will create another legacy to match the leagues of the great who are gone.

Some of the interesting views of on Twitter about Stephen Elop


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