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Who is Amanda Rosenberg?

amanda rosenberg

Any new personality who become CEO of any top company or organization then articles with headlines  Who is Mr or Mrs XYZ. Last week silicon valley witnessed equations about which they are not used to. One of the richest man of planet earth and founder of Google Seregy Brin is living apart from his wife still not legally separated.

Another top executive Mr Hugo Barra of Android division credited with revolutionizing android left Google for Xiaomi China.

Amanda Rosenberg a 26 year old marketing manager at Google is the catalyst for personal and professional in lives of three people.

She is former girlfriend of Hugo Barra and current love interest of Seregy Brin. Over who is this lady and what western media is saying about her.

ValleyWag which broke the news about the split of Google founder and his love interest introduced Amanda Rosenberg as

Meet the Google’s founder mistress

New York Post has two articles about Amanda Rosenberg

Lets Google the hussy: Mistress of Brin a top search on own web engine

Google mistress is not in to love

Herald Sun published an article by introducing Amanda Rosenberg as mistress

Google denies it has shifted billionaire co-founder Seregy Brins mistress Amanda Rosenberg to a new job 

The Guardian, dailymail.co.uk and marketwatch  has avoided the word like mistress and introduced her as a Girlfriend.

Who is Amanda Rosenberg?

She still lacks a profile on Wikipedia but she is indeed a hit on Google search engine. Amanda Rosenberg received more than 50,000 hits on Google by Thursday night according to Google’s “hot searches”.a

Amanda Rosenberg On her Google+ personal page her employer is Google and she lives in San Francisco.

With a degree in communication from Leeds university she started her career while working with Google. She is working as a Marketing Manager with Google Glass. She coined the term “Ok Glass”.

She is active on Google+ and her page is filled with many videos and pictures of her displaying Google Glass. Watch some of her pictures from her Google+ page.


Amanda Rosenberg

Amanda Rosenberg

AmandaAmanda Amanda Rosenberg

Amanda AmandaAmanda

She is a head turner no doubt.

What do you think about her?

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