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XOLO X900 with Intel power is launched in Indian market

India’s first Smartphone: XOLO X900

One of the India Fastest growing mobile company Lava international Limited has launched XOLO X900  India’s first Smartphone with Intel technology. Intel Corporation and Lava International Ltd have collaborated to launch the XOLO X900 — India’s first Smartphone with Intel Inside®. The XOLO X900 from Lava is based on Intel’s smartphone reference design featuring the  Intel® Atom™ processor Z2460 with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology and supporting HSPA+ with the Intel XMM 6260 Platform.

XOLO X900 is the first Smartphone with intel technology for Android. In world mobile congress this announcement was made and XOLO X900 will hit the retail market of India on 23rd April. 

XOLO X900 Price in India: Rs 22000.

Let’s have a look on the major features of this phone.

1. Processor- 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB RAM, the XOLO X900 will certainly provide its user more than required horsepower. Supercharged with Intel patented Hyper threading technology, the XOLO X900 delivers fast web browsing, responsive apps and effortless multitasking for each task that you have in hand.

2. Image- XOLO’s Photo-Burst mode to click up to 10 pictures in less than a second. The advanced 8 Mega Pixel HD camera delivers stunning 1080p image and video quality in all conditions. Never miss a moment again, anyone can become an avid photographer.

3. Gaming- 400MHz Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) for visual performance, the XOLO X900 gives you an unparalleled gaming experience. HD and 3D gaming becomes realistic, gives you goose bumps immersing you in its action.

4. Screen- 4.03’’ LCD display with a high resolution of 1024X600 pixels ensures crisp text and vibrant images. 

XOLO X900 is a very serious effort from an Indian company in terms of product and collaboration to tap the high end Smartphone market of India. Except Notion Ink not a single company from India has tried any thing of this stature. XOLO X900 can be considered as a quantum leap for the Mobile manufacturing companies from India.

What are the hurdles Lava International will face in Indian Smartphone market?

1.Till now their products are nothing more than the Indian version of Chinese phone.

2. There is long list of strong competition which XOLO X900 has to face before they will be able to dent the market.

3.The biggest hurdle for XOLO X900 from LAVA international will be to change the perception of Indian customer when it comes to Smartphone. XOLO X900 basic competition will be breaking the perception of customer they have about Indian manufacturer as well as creating a new image.

4. At last Indian manufacturer are also coming out of their shell and putting the effort to prove them self as a Smartphone manufacturer.

5. Lava as a brand stands no where in front of Major Smartphone manufacturer like Smasung and Motorola. Why someone will buy XOLO X900 in Rs 22000 when many other branded products are available. Hitting market with the tag of super-brand Intel will help XOLO X900 but do you think it will be able to convince customer?

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